Real Estate Appraisals in Maple Shade, NJ

A home purchase is the most serious investment most people could ever make. It doesn’t matter if it’s where you raise your family, a second vacation property or one of many rentals, purchasing real property is a detailed transaction that requires multiple parties to make it all happen.

Are you looking for objective real estate appraisals in Maple Shade, NJ? For over 15 years, The Appraising Group has provided non-partisan real estate appraisals through NJ. With experience and expertise, our appraisers can accurately match your property’s price with its value. Whether you need an appraisal for suburban, urban, or rural homes, we can help.

At The Appraising Group, we have intimate knowledge of the house buying process. We know how to work with banks, mortgage lenders, homeowners, and attorneys. We also have experience appraising properties for divorces, tax appeals, trusts, and other real estate-related purposes. We guarantee objective services based solely on your property’s value.

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We offer a wide range of real estate appraisals – everything from getting your house to market to challenging your local government’s assessment of your property. At The Appraising Group, we can help with any of your real estate appraisal needs.

Below are the most common real estate appraisal services we provide:

  • Single-family/multi-family condominium appraisals
  • Reverse mortgages
  • Estates/trusts
  • Tax assessments and appeals
  • PMI removals
  • New constructions
  • Review of appraisals
  • Property bond appraisals


Our home appraisals include inspection and valuation. We’ll evaluate the condition of the bedrooms, bathrooms, surrounding land, and amenities. We’ll look at the property’s age, functionality, and quality to draw floor plans and document defects.

We then use one or more of the following valuation methods: paired analysis, replacement cost calculation, and the income approach. Our paired analysis involves analyzing a comparable property to add or subtract from the price of your real estate. The cost approach bases valuation on what it would cost to build your property currently. The final valuation method, the income approach, involves factoring the revenue the property yields with income produced by neighboring properties.


Our real estate appraisals in Maple Shade always ensure you get the most value for your money. We work efficiently, so you always get the most accurate valuation as quickly as possible. However, prices may vary based on the following factors.

  • Size of home
  • Condition of the property
  • Level of detail involved in the appraisal; a large home or property can impact the cost of the appraisal


Our thorough real estate inspections involve evaluating the interior and exterior of properties. This ensures we get the most accurate valuation for your property. Interior inspections involve evaluating the condition of windows, doors, floors, walls, kitchen or bathroom remodels, and basement furnishing. We’ll look at square footage, the type of driveway, the type of foundation, and neighborhood characteristics.

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Our deep understanding of the value of real estate features in PA and NJ ensures accurate real estate appraisals every time. Our trained and licensed appraisers have years of experience appraising a diverse portfolio of properties and communicating with homeowners, banks, and real estate agents. At The Appraising Group, we observe an industry code of ethics and the national standards of practice for real estate appraisals.

If you want to talk to a real estate appraiser in Maple Shade, NJ, who you can trust for an objective valuation, call us today at (251) 531-7979.

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