The history of The Appraising Group


Our founders worked in various aspects of real estate and partnered with several residential real estate appraisal companies before forming The Appraising Group in 2006. Word quickly spread of our high quality work and demand for services grew. We recruited some friends from prior real estate positions and many of the employees to this day are friends and family of the original core group. This makes for a very sincere and loyal group of employees who are dedicated to our mission.


group of real estate appraisers at desk smiling

Our mission is to provide the best quality residential real estate appraisal while being maximally efficient.  Many of our satisfied customers include banks and other mortgage related lenders who need appraisals for home purchases, refinances, foreclosures and numerous other banking purposes.  Other clients include homeowners, attorneys, real estate agents and others who use our services for estate purposes, divorces, tax appeals, trusts and much more.  Your satisfaction is very important to us.  Your referrals resulting from your satisfaction mean a lot to us because they bring us even more referrals of hopefully to-be satisfied customers.


Join the list of satisfied customers and contact us today so we may help you with your residential real estate appraisal needs.


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