Every house has an attic, but if you’re lucky enough to have one with usable space, you should put it to work.

Storage Space
Almost everyone could use more storage space. And we don’t mean the “see how much you can cram in there” kind. Whether you choose to do built in storage or moveable shelves and other spaces, your attic could suddenly be a more accessible, cheaper, alternative to a storage unit. Not to mention a place you can go to in your pj’s.

Hangout Room
If you have kids or just need a space to hang out, this could be a great solution. Add a pool table, comfy chairs, have an electrician install appropriate lighting, and a t.v. and you have a tucked away space that everyone on the block will be jealous of. But a hangout room doesn’t have to be all play and no purpose. Set aside a portion of the room for crafting, storage, an extra sleep space or whatever!

Functional Meets Practical
If a functional space is more your style, convert the room into a nice home office or guest bed. All attics will be different, and some may be better for one purpose over another, but there are tons of ideas to make your attic into more living space. Whatever your needs are, must make sure everything is safe and up to code. If you don’t know, never be afraid to ask. It could be the difference between a nice space and a costly, possibly unusable fix.

If you do it right, using that extra room could add value to the house, or at least serve to attract buyers if you ever want to sell. For more tips, tricks, and time-saving articles check back often. For information about appraisals and how to get one, call Home Appraising Group today.