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Real Estate Appraisals in King of Prussia

A home purchase is the most serious investment most people could ever make. It doesn’t matter if it’s where you raise your family, a second vacation property or one of many rentals, purchasing real property is a detailed transaction that requires multiple parties to make it all happen.

The  Appraising Group offers complete home appraisal services in King of Prussia, PA. Our licensed appraisers are committed to providing unbiased and accurate home appraisals. Choosing The  Appraising Group means you are choosing expertise, experience, and accuracy. We guarantee a fair and accurate price whether you are looking to buy or sell property.

Buying or selling property involves various parties that all have their own interests at stake in the transaction. However, our interest is in providing our clients with the true value of a property so that a fair transaction can be made. Trust Home Appraising Group for home appraisal services in King of Prussia, PA.


The Appraising Group is your go-to property appraisal service in King of Prussia. We are experienced in many different types of real estate appraisals and have serviced the greater Philadelphia area for over 15 years. Here are some of the appraisal services we offer:

  • Single-family/multi-family condominiums
  • Reverse mortgages
  • Estates/trusts
  • Tax assessments and appeals
  • PMI removals
  • New constructions
  • Review of appraisals
  • Property bond appraisals

If you need property appraised in King of Prussia, contact our team of appraisers at (215) 531-7479.


When it comes to the home appraisal process, transparency is our guiding principle. We encourage you to read about how we calculate the value of a piece of property. The better you understand our process, the more you’ll feel you can trust it.

The first step is a thorough inspection of the property. This involves ensuring the property’s boundaries are recorded properly, investigating whether the listed features, rooms, and amenities match the listing, and checking for any additional defects or unreported issues. After this data is collected, we can get down to the business of calculating the cost.

We generally use two to three different methods to calculate a property’s value. 

  1. The first is the comparable sales method. This approach involves comparing your property and its features to the other homes in your area. Based on this comparison, we either raise or lower the price to reflect what your property has that others do not or what your property is missing compared to others.
  2. The second is the cost method. This method projects what it would cost to build your property, from scratch, with all of its existing features. This approach helps set the maximum price your property is worth.
  3. The third valuation method is the income valuation method and is only used for rental properties. The income generated from other rental properties in the area is compared to the income generated from the property being sold.


Our team of appraisers takes pride in efficient home appraisals, so you get the most value for your money. However, real estate appraisal cost varies depending on many factors, including:

  • Size of the home
  • Condition of the property
  • Level of detail involved in the appraisal; a large home or property will have an impact the cost of the appraisal


The Appraising Group takes great care in our appraisal inspection process. We guarantee a thorough inspection of both the interior and exterior of the property.

For interior inspections, we inspect every window frame, door frame, faucet, and tile. We consider the materials used in construction as well as the general appearance and faculty of furnishings and appliances.

We measure every square foot of the property for exterior inspections to guarantee the property’s square footage is listed correctly. We consider landscaping, outbuildings, and other external features. We also consider factors such as your property’s location, ease of access to transportation and shopping, its surrounding neighborhood, and even if it has any green home features.

Home Appraising Group


Transparency and thoroughness are the values we instill in our approach to home appraisal services. Our industry runs on the fundamental trust that we are impartial and fair. The Appraising Group works diligently to nurture faith in our standards and practices. Our team of appraisers is highly trained, experienced, fully licensed, and passionate about real estate. We are constantly evolving alongside a continually changing market. Trust us to deliver the actual value of a property, whether you are buying or selling.

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