Real Estate Appraisals in Exton

A home purchase is the most serious investment most people could ever make. It doesn’t matter if it’s where you raise your family, a second vacation property or one of many rentals, purchasing real property is a detailed transaction that requires multiple parties to make it all happen.

The Appraising Group offers thorough and accurate home real estate appraisal services in Exton, Pennsylvania. Our team of licensed real estate appraisers works diligently to ensure a property’s valuation is fair and fully reflects its true value. Whether you are buying or selling real estate, choosing The Appraising Group as your Exton real estate appraiser means your real estate’s valuation will be conducted under the highest and most thorough standards of excellence.  

It’s common knowledge that buying or selling property is a complicated transaction involving various parties that all have their own interests in mind. We know that it is in our best interest to provide our clients with the most accurate and thoroughly researched valuation. We’ve been in business for over 15 years and have staked our reputation on it.


The Appraising Group is the first choice for real estate appraisals in Exton, PA. Being in business through the housing crash and subsequent recovery, we have served Exton property owners in all market conditions. We offer many types of real estate appraisals:

  • Single-family/multi-family condominiums
  • Reverse mortgages
  • Estates/trusts
  • Tax assessments and appeals
  • PMI removals
  • New constructions
  • Review of appraisals
  • Property bond appraisals

If you need property appraised in Exton, contact our team of appraisers at (215) 531-7479.


Thoroughness and transparency are the fundamental values for conducting honest and accurate real estate appraisals. Using these values as guiding principles, we calculate true values that all parties can trust. Let’s examine our process in greater detail.

The preliminary step is a complete inspection of the property, which involves ensuring the property’s boundaries are recorded properly, investigating whether the listed features, rooms, and amenities match the listing, and making sure we check for any additional defects or unreported issues. Using this collected data, we can then get down to the business of calculating a property’s value.

We generally use two to three different methods to calculate a property’s value. 

  1. The first is the comparable sales method. In this valuation method, we compare what your home has and doesn’t have as compared to other comparable homes in your area. Using this comparison, we adjust the value of your home according to how it compares with its neighbors.
  2. The second is the cost method. We project how much it would cost to completely construct your property from scratch, including wages for workers and cost of materials. This approach helps us set the maximum price your property is worth.
  3. The third valuation method is the income valuation method. This is really only commonly used for rental properties. We compare the income generated from the property being sold to the income generated by other rental properties in the area to adjust the over valuation.


The Appraising Group has streamlined its real estate appraisal process so that our services are efficient and cost-effective for our clients. However, there are always factors that can cause the cost to vary. Some of these factors include:

  • Size of the home
  • Condition of the property
  • Level of detail involved in the appraisal; a large home or property can impact the cost of the appraisal


A quality real estate appraisal involves an in-depth inspection of both the interior and the exterior of a property. The Appraising Group takes great pride in our comprehensive approach to interior and exterior appraisals.

You can expect us to examine every window frame, door frame, ceiling, and floor tile, every door handle, faucet, sink and toilet, other factors, all in an effort to calculate the most accurate valuation of your property. We consider the materials used during construction as well as the functionality and appearance of your furnishings and appliances. Thorough.

We inspect the boundaries of your property during our exterior appraisal to ensure your square footage is listed correctly. We examine outbuildings, external features, pools, and landscaping to help us reach the actual valuation. We also consider extraneous factors like your property’s location and distance from shopping and transportation. We look at the neighborhood as well as the history of the area, all to get you the most accurate valuation.

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Our real estate appraisal philosophy is delivering true valuations transparently and efficiently for the benefit of our clients. Trust is essential in our business. All parties involved in a sale need to have confidence in the appraisal process, and we go above and beyond to foster that confidence. Trust The Appraising Group and our passionate, fully licensed, and trained team of appraisal professionals to get you your property’s actual value.

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