Zillow is a house and apartment database that allows users to find perfect places in their desired location. It’s great for pictures and hard information like size and number of bedrooms, but in the case of property value, it tends to fall short.

A “Zestimate” is a property estimate based on their own calculations. While these include the usual factors of location, property type, and market conditions, the estimate they give can be anywhere from 20-40% off. This is not out of the ordinary for an estimate, but it’s not wise to make any concrete plans from.

For a more comprehensive, legal valuation of a property, only an appraisal can meet those needs. An appraisal is impartial, unlike a real estate or another type of estimate, and can be obtained before, during, or after the sale process. It is important to use complete and verified information when making a large purchase such as a home. Otherwise, a buyer may end up paying more or a seller might lose out on what they consider fair pricing.

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