When selling your home, you want the best price possible; the one that most closely meets the value of the home. Yet, as nice as your home might be on the inside, you may get some unexpectedly low offers. The reason this can often be broken down to the landscaping.

Everyone wants a picture perfect house to call their own. Each person has their wants and needs, but a good looking property speaks for itself. It’s like a book. They say not to judge it by its cover, but if that’s the first thing that sticks out how can you ignore it?

Give yourself, and your house, every boost possible. This includes the exterior and the landscaping. Because as much as you want to ignore the façade, it always comes back to the aesthetics. In fact, there has been a lot of talk about how even simple landscaping updating and fixes can make all the difference.

That being said, know your stuff. If you have an older house, modern updates may be nice but not successful. In that case, it would be best to use classic styles more fitting to the house. If you live in the desert, water intensive landscaping would, in most cases, detract from the value and perception of the house. A pool in Florida would be great, but if your house is a block away from the beach, it may not be the best addition.

The best resource for updating your curb appeal are the houses in the neighborhood. Is there one on the corner that has a killer flower bed, or two doors down with an amazing deck? Make sure to check with an appraiser and contractor before adding anything big to be sure that it will add to the value and curb appeal of the house. Otherwise, happy landscaping!