Finding an appraiser can be a hassle if your lender doesn’t already provide one. It can be an even bigger hassle if you need one right away. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need an appraiser fast.

Know That It Isn’t Guaranteed

Unfortunately, with markets beginning to rise again and appraisers in short demand, there can be some conflict with your schedules and needs and the ability of an appraiser.  Our best advice is to hope for the best, but know it isn’t guaranteed. If at all possible, make sure you give yourself plenty of time for an appraisal.

Communication Is Key

                There are several ways an appraiser might contact you. Most appraisers prefer phone calls, but others will use email. In either case, it is helpful to return their call or email as soon as possible. Many people unknowingly delay their appraisal by waiting to respond. Often, an appraiser will communicate with you for information that is needed to complete the appraisal.

Other things that are helpful include giving your appraiser any relevant information about the house or comparables first, rather than after so that a second appraisal doesn’t have to be done. This is additionally true for any repairs; repairs should be done before the first appraisal to get an accurate appraisal for both the owner and the lender. Any common repairs that are required by lenders (even if they aren’t required for the appraisal) such as updated smoke detectors, should be done to avoid any delay in the appraisal as well.

Rush Fees

Some appraisers offer services with “rush fees” for these very predicaments. Keep in mind; the rush service may not be in your timeframe, merely done in shorter time than a normal appraisal. Call the appraiser or appraisal office you wish to work with for exact specifications on rush orders.

Call your friends at Home Appraisal Group today to set up an appointment for an appraisal and let us amaze you! You’re always in good hands here.