Going through a divorce is the last thing most people expect to deal with in their lifetime. But life happens. Here at Home Appraisal Group, we offer confidential, quick, and reliable divorce appraisals for anyone going through this process. There are just a few things to keep in mind when you’re getting this appraisal:

The Money May Differ

If you’ve ever sold a house before you’ll know that the amount you expect and the amount you receive may differ. This is due to many things including the fact that typically during a divorce, the property is assessed and then sold. Even if it is sold according to your anticipated price, there are closing costs to consider as well as splitting the amount with your spouse. However, you, your spouse, and your attorney decide to do it keep an open mind, because the money may differ.

The Appraisal Is Just The Start

The appraisal will be an evaluation of the property or home in question. As with a normal appraisal, comparables will be used as well as the actual check of the property. Due to timing, this could either be higher or lower valuation of a regular appraisal. So if you do decide to sell, keep that in mind. However, the appraisal is just the start; there will be much more to consider and decide with your attorney.

Consider Your Options

That being said, though a divorce appraisal is often mandatory as a sort of laundry list of assets you both own, selling doesn’t have to be the only option. Many people choose to sell and be done with it, but it may benefit you more if you wait, get additional appraisals, etc. A professional appraiser, contractor or real estate person can tell you what your best choice is once the time arises.