Real Estate Appraisals in Baltimore, MD

For over 15 years, The Appraising Group has provided high-quality real estate appraisals in Baltimore, MD. We staff professional appraisers that leave no stone unturned when valuing your home. Our appraisers have experience working with tiny houses, mansions, and everything in between, so no matter the size of your property, we can get you the accurate appraisal you need.

Our real estate appraisers in Maryland regularly works with the banks, mortgage lenders, homeowners, and attorneys involved in the home buying process. The appraisals streamline the process for all parties and are helpful for divorces, tax appeals, trusts, and other estate-related purposes.

To talk with one of our professional real estate appraisers, call The Appraising Group at (215) 531-7979.

Professional Real Estate Appraisal Services

Ready to put your house on the market? Our real estate appraisal services in Baltimore, MD, can help. Our services guarantee the most accurate valuation of your property, which can ensure you price your home correctly. No matter the reason, our team of appraisers can appraise your property right and at an affordable price.

Some of the many real estate appraisal services we provide include:

  • Single-family/multi-family condominium appraisals
  • Reverse mortgages
  • Estates/trusts
  • Tax assessments and appeals
  • PMI removals
  • New constructions
  • Review of appraisals
  • Property bond appraisals

How We Appraise Your Home

When one of our appraisers values your home, they take into consideration a variety of factors. Our services include an interior and exterior inspection that looks into additional valuation factors like school zone, proximity to transportation services, and your neighborhood. These and many more are applied in one of our three valuation methods:

  • Paired Analysis Method – In this method, we add or subtract from your property’s value when we compare it to other properties in your area. The features of your home affect the value of your property.
  • Cost Method – This method calculates the total cost to build your property today, including materials and labor costs.
  • Income Valuation Method – This method is generally for rental properties. We compare your property’s generated income to a similar property.

Real Estate Appraisal Costs

Our team of appraisers takes pride in efficient home appraisals, so you get the most value for your money. However, real estate appraisal cost varies depending on many factors, including:

Size of the home

Condition of the property

Level of detail involved in the appraisal; a large home or property will have an impact the cost of the appraisal

Interior and Exterior Appraisals

Our inspection of your property includes inside and outside evaluations. To get the most accurate valuation possible, we inspect the condition of your doors, windows, door frames, kitchen, flooring, bathrooms, and whether or not your basement is finished. When inspecting your exterior, we look into the foundation’s condition, square footage, landscaping, pools, driveways, and your greater surrounding area for neighborhood information.

Licensed Home Appraisers in Baltimore

At The Appraising Group, we hold ourselves to high standards. When performing your appraisal, we follow an industry code of ethics and the national standards of practice for real estate appraisals. Our team has diverse experience handling suburban, urban, and rural homes in Baltimore, MD.

To learn more about our affordable home appraising services in Baltimore, MD, call us today at (251) 531-7979.